The World Cup

I was in Ischia, it was 1983, a year after the victory obtained by the national football team at the World Cup in Spain, I went to the disco with some of the protagonists of that fantastic feat: the blue goalscorer Paolo Rossi, Bruno Giordano, the unforgotten Lazio bomber and among those called up by Enzo Bearzot, and other Napoli players.

Upon leaving, the two attackers, but above all Rossi, were literally attacked by some urchins, eager to have an autograph. In general enthusiasm, I was mistaken for one of the players, but the leader of the group was peremptory: “That man is nobody, leave it!”

However, he retraced his steps quite immediately He came up and invited me to add my name on the sheet signed by Rossi and Giordano. “Come on! Give me an autograph! “, He said almost pityingly. I confirmed that I was only a friend of the two champions and a spontaneous laugh concluded that nice little show.

Freely based on the book “I’m Nobody! My long journey between art and life. Gerardo Sacco, conversation with Francesco Kostner”