The Dream

Still a child, I dropped out of school, always regretting it as a great shattered dream and a lost good. But for all my life I will study a lot, to make the stories of my jewels.

As soon as I was young, I was asked to choose between two “opportunities”: the one of learning the job of a bricklayer or going to an uncle’s barber shop. Although neither option suited me, I opted for the second option.

Fortunately, little attention was paid to me. They asked me to brush customers’ clothes before they left the store. And actually, my uncle, to get out of my way, gave me, as if I were a parcel, to one of his clients, a goldsmith who urgently needed a handyman.

My sliding doors begins like this, due to the intersection of fortuitous circumstances. In Carmine Rocca’s goldsmith’s workshop, I discovered the fascination of a new world and I felt, instinctively, that jewelry was the field which I intended to work in to give full satisfaction to my creative inspiration.

And actually, following the artisan from Crotone, I learned the first teachings of the goldsmith technique which I then deepened in Valenza Po where I stayed for a few months.

In the goldsmiths home, I acquired theoretical notions and I learned the use of sophisticated and avant-garde work tools. In Valenza, however, despite the offer of a very well-paid job, I stopped only for the time necessary.

As a Calabrian in love with my land, I wanted to come back to Crotone. I was convinced that even in southern Italy, in a region as difficult from an entrepreneurial point of view as Calabria, during the years of the economic boom, there would be advantages for those who would have dared.

So I decided to invest in my future, challenging difficulties and overcoming resistance. To aim for success, when I was twenty-two years old, I decided to open my own workshop.

I was aware that I was a capable and willing boy and that the “fatigue” would not scare me.

I felt that I had a stimulating creative tension and a strong willingness to do more and more and better, dedicating myself entirely to work.

I didn’t want to limit myself to be a good provincial craftsman, but I felt the desire to broaden my horizons without ever betraying my traditions and my homeland which I have dedicated all my work to.

I worked in the theater with Franco Zeffirelli, creating stage jewels worn by great international stars of the entertainment world, such as Liz Taylor and Glenn Close. this allowed me to have an international career.

I passed from cinema, to fiction and to television, creating jewels for actresses of Italian cinema, theater and television: from Virna Lisi to Lucrezia Lante della Rovere, from Monica Bellucci to Riccardo Scamarcio.

I created jewel prizes for many festivals and honors for Popes and great heads of state.

I have a creative vein always on stage!

Freely based on the book “I’m Nobody! My long journey between art and life. Gerardo Sacco, conversation with Francesco Kostner”