The Jump

The history of the Gerardo Sacco company began with my first workshop-workshop in Crotone, Calabria in 1963.

The jewels I create focus on quality, innovation and design linked to my land of origin: Magna Graecia. I have always been fascinated by the myth of ancient stories, by nymphs and heroes of the epic world. I studied a lot to understand the essence and the Magic, the Myth of that era in our Mediterranean; they have always been my three inspirations for any creation. Each of my jewelry tells an intrinsic story of Hellenic charm and myths.

In 2001 I needed new energy, a renewal within the company. I felt the need to open up to new professional challenges and to embrace my family even at work. This is how my three children joined the company. New life, new life!

The management of the company is entrusted to Viviana who, after a degree in Economics and Commerce and a Masters degree, gains experience in important companies and assumes the leadership of my company as Sole Director.

Antonio and Andrea, hold strategic roles and they are respectively responsible for Production and Marketing.

Viviana immediately decided to channel my creative genius on jewelry lines capable of reaching a wider range of customers.

This is how patented jewels and jewels are born, with strong characterizing elements that are difficult to confuse, always with a high level of craftsmanship. The new strategic approach does not renounce the main characteristics of my first jewels: careful stylistic research combined with skilful manual processing entirely Made in Italy and made with local resources.

High jewelery and the creation of unique pieces remain a must in my work, which have made me famous throughout the world. Unique pieces that I can create freely and for my personal research or for a specific request.

Freely based on the book “I’m Nobody! My long journey between art and life. Gerardo Sacco, conversation with Francesco Kostner”