Fashion Shows

A special relationship binds me to Raffella Curiel.

In 1995, he wanted my jewels and his creations to parade together, in Trinità dei Monti, in the mega-show: “Woman under the stars”, an important television production. It was a success and that liaison opened the way for me to other collaborations between fashion and goldsmith art.

We found ourselves in a similar circumstance for a subsequent high fashion show dedicated to the Far East. I studied a lot, to create ad hoc jewels, inspired by My Son sanctuary in Vietnam.

I prepared a set of earrings and pendants very different from traditional stylistic features. But I did not forget to consider the famous straw hats, worn by farmers in the rice fields, and dragons, a symbol of the culture of that country, an expression of nobility and power.

On this last occasion Curiel was out of her mind with joy and beauty of the silhouettes and she told me: “Gerardo once again we hit the jackpot”.

Freely based on the book “I’m Nobody! My long journey between art and life. Gerardo Sacco, conversation with Francesco Kostner”