I love to tell stories through my jewels! And “Precious Tales” is the title of some of my exhibitions held both abroad and in Italy.

In Madrid in 2007 I gave birth to a path that starting from Magna Graecia reached the present day.

In Brazil in 2011, taking inspiration from the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy, I “told” through my creations the various facets of the “beautiful country”.

Even in Florence in 2012 an exhibition was organized entitled “Painting and goldsmithing – Two Calabrian masters – Mattia Preti and Gerardo Sacco”. If I think about it again, my legs tremble in having had the privilege of exhibiting some of my jewels alongside the paintings of the great Baroque artist.

Of course I cannot forget 2008, when the Vittoriano in Rome hosted the exhibition “Precious tales”. For years I hoped to exhibit my works in a museum; it was wonderful to be able to do it in one of the symbolic places of Italian culture. The even more extraordinary thing is that an exhibition by Pierre Auguste Renoir was underway at the same time.

I was convinced that the concomitance of the two initiatives would have penalized me a lot. A fear more than justified by the way. My friends, honestly, invited me not to be pessimistic. “They are two different experiences”, they replied to my perplexities. It’s true, but I would have wagered anything that visitors would have preferred the great French artist.

One afternoon, arriving at the Vittoriano, I saw hundreds of people waiting to enter. Upon reaching the entrance, I realized that two lines had formed: one, interested in the Renoir exhibition; the other one, to the jewels of Gerardo Sacco, the humble craftsman from Crotone who had finally crowned the dream of his life.

Freely based on the book “I’m Nobody! My long journey between art and life. Gerardo Sacco, conversation with Francesco Kostner”