Divas 80

…I can’t forget Brooke Shields. We dated for a long time; in an artistic sense, mind you! Once she came to Italy I practically did not leave her for a moment. In New York he returned the courtesy. He organized a party with famous actors. I thought it was an occasion like any other, where the world of cinema meets, but it was an evening in my honor.

I only realized it when Brooke, at a certain point, introduced me to her friends, talking about my jewels as unparalleled masterpieces. She had fallen in love with a little white dog. It looked like a wad of wool, it was so small and delicate. The next day let her find that cute little animal in a bowed box. It was so small that she kept it inside her blouse, stroking it constantly. It was a very nice scene that Brooke made even more fun: “Be nice. You don’t know how lucky you are! Who knows how many like you would like to be in your place!”.

I am also very fond of Ornella Muti. She is a very sweet woman, very attached to her children. She was my guest in Crotone and Diamante and took part in one of my fashion shows in Soverato. She was beautiful. As she is today, by the way. I was delighted to see her again in Taormina and to present her with her career award.

I cannot forget Laura Antonelli. The news of her death made me very sad. I met her immediately after the end of the long relationship with Jean-Paul Belmondo. The newspapers talked a lot about us, distorting reality. I was a goldsmith on the horse, if we can say so, and therefore a sentimental bond, or a flirt, with Antonelli, could have been there. But it wasn’t true.

One day, in Piazza del Popolo in Rome, we were photographed from far away while I was admiring a beautiful ring that she wore on her finger. That shot became the “proven proof” of our liaison to which, even, a weekly dedicated the cover. Out of respect for my family and to put an end to her gossip, I decided not to meet her publicly anymore.

I must also remember Zeudi Araya, a beautiful woman, whom I met while she was posing for a photo shoot.

A nice episode, however, concerns Edwige Fenech. I invited her to Ischia, to the traditional Franco Campana summer meeting. I asked my driver, Antonio Papallo, my childhood friend, to accompany her from Rome to Naples and, by ferry, to the island.

At the hotel I noticed an unusual expression on his face. I asked him if something happened: “Gerà leave me alone! You can’t imagine what I’ve been through. I saw the Fenech sleeping next to me for hours. I didn’t stop looking at it for a moment, with the risk of losing control of the car and going off the road!”.

Freely based on the book “I’m Nobody! My long journey between art and life. Gerardo Sacco, conversation with Francesco Kostner”